Sky Lanterns

One of the most beautiful finales to a worship gathering you can experience is the launching of sky lanterns.

Sky lanterns have been used in Asian cultures for centuries. They were created around the 3rd century and are said to be the first hot air balloon.

They really are something that can work for so many different situations. You can use them silently in mourning after a funeral or memorial service. They can be used in celebration after a wedding. I think I'm most excited about the idea of using it after a Pentecost service!

If you get plain white lanterns, you can even have participants paint them as a response to the message of the gathering.

Before using them, make sure you understand local laws about them. Also make sure it's not too windy and that you are launching them in an open area free of trees. Most of the time they are completely safe, but we are dealing with fire after all.

There are many places to purchase sky lanterns on the net, but make sure you purchase some that are safe as well as biodegradable. Choices abound at Amazon, but this one seems to be the most popular. You may also want to check out

Watch this video by Jonny Baker, our friend (and great source for inspiration!) from across the pond.

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