World Communion Sunday

The first Sunday of  October is World Communion Sunday, the Sunday when churches across denominational lines are encouraged to recognize their individual part in the Body of Christ by taking communion together and making communion a focal point of worship.

Some churches partake in communion every week, others do it on the first Sunday of each month. Sadly, for others, World Communion Sunday may be the only time their members get to experience Holy Communion.

For those of us who regularly "do" communion, World Communion Sunday is an opportunity to celebrate the richness of the Holy Communion experience.

Here are some ideas for your World Communion Sunday experience:
  • Decorate the altar table with...
    • Many different colored fabrics representing cultures from around the world - an African kente cloth for instance
    • Multiple breads - Artificial breads will work, but why not get some unsold breads at the end of the day from local bakeries or Panera?
    • Grapes on the vine - Artificial grapes are suggested because you can use them again
    • Wheat stalks - Represents the bread, but is also a nice reminder that we're starting the autumn season.
    • A globe or maps
    • What else? Leave comments with ideas.
  • The sense of smell is the sense that is probably least used these days in worship. We can change that!
    • Bake breads in the sanctuary the day before or early that morning. Here's an easy bake oven recipe.
    • Place grape scented candles or bread scented candles around the room and burn them Sunday morning. Grape candles from Yankee Candles are great if you can find some because the scent is so strong. Soy candles are usually a safe bet. Check these out!
    Here's a great idea from the 2011 Summer Church Music Workshop from the Florida Chapter of the Fellowship of United Methodists in Music and Worship Arts. They used multicolored paper dolls to represent the Body of Christ!

      There's so much more to be done... Leave your comments with more ideas!

      Below is a video from St. John United Church of Christ in Freeport, IL that you can download at Vimeo to show on Sunday if you'd like.